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We have been promoting global expansion by monitoring the growing market of the world.

The market of the Company is expanding globally. With the development of advanced products for the growing global market and the integrated production system from material development, we will aim to achieve stable management and steady growth.

Advantages and Strategies

Development System
We have a growth strategy that sustains next-generation leading-edge industries including those related to the environment.

The pillars of our growth strategy lie in the fact that we will make ultrafine SiC powder proprietary products to occupy the largest share of the market and launch new product lines that meet the various needs of the next generation.

For environment-related markets for which needs are mounting, in particular, we have already introduced materials for special ceramics filters. In addition, new products including heat liberation components using ceramics composite materials (MMC: Metal Matrix Compositions) are scheduled for the market. Also, for semiconductor-related and leading-edge industries, the Company is developing next-generation ultra-high purity materials and is strengthening the introduction of specially shaped products that outclass others, such as components for manufacturing and heat liberation components. Furthermore, the fiber optics communication component business is expanding the sales of Zirconia Sleeves targeting major connector manufacturers worldwide and promoting the commercialization of high value-added receptacles for optical modules.

By proactively promoting technical tie-ups with major corporations, the Company is trying to enter new businesses and aims to grow with high synergy among the businesses.

Global Development
We have a global network responding to the world market.

The Company engages in the integrated production of grinding and abrasive materials and fine ceramics at the Head Office/Works in Toyama Prefecture, and we have set up production sites in China earlier than other companies in the industry to establish mass production technology for connector parts for fiber optics communications. For sales, we are using the sales networks of major distributors and manufactures while remaining based on the direct sales system to promptly respond to user requests. We established Pacific Rundum USA, Inc., as the US sales subsidiary for connectors in fiber optics communication. We have been building up a stable managerial foundation that is less susceptible to economic changes by making proposals for a variety of different uses targeting excellent companies from a wide range of industries under such a global network.

Integrated Production System
High quality and the abundant product lineup provided by the integrated production system from material development are our strengths.

Our production system is characterized by high quality owing to the integrated production system from materials to finished goods capitalizing on our strengths of producing materials by ourselves. In addition to the diversified lineup, we are striving to expand custom-made production in response to customer specifications and manufacturing a wide variety of products in small quantities, as well as OEM. Moreover, the procurement capability of materials is also our strength, and the diversification of suppliers is progressing in a bid to ensure a stable supply of products.

Production/Sales Bases
Grinding and Abrasive Materials Business Head Office / Works / China subsidiary
Fine Ceramics Business Head Office / Works / China subsidiary

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