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President and CEO Takurou Ono

The driving force behind the growth of the Company is the persistent technical innovation over half a century.

We, at Pacific Rundum Co., Ltd., are proud of the unique and diversified technologies that have been developed since the Company was founded in 1936. The powder technology related to silicon carbide (SiC), in particular, is one of the best in the industry. In addition, the precision molding technology, the sintering and impregnation technology, and the precision processing technology are unique ones of our own. These technologies have been consolidated in the grinding and abrasive materials business and the fine ceramics business, and we have achieved the reputation of “everything related to SiC should be asked of Pacific Rundum” because of the wide range of products and our development capability. Also, we have established the manufacturing system of Zirconia Ferrule processing in China ahead of other companies in the industry for the growing fiber optics communication field and been engaged in the facilitation of the fiber optics communication component business.

“Pursuit of unique technology and persistent technical innovation” is at the core of our management philosophy. The advanced innovation has attracted ardent attention from a number of customers, and development of new products based on diverse collaborations has steadily been underway. We will always refine our proprietary technologies and meet the more and more sophisticated and diversified needs ahead of the time to contribute to the future of civil society and to the development of the industry by engaging in next generation research as the vanguard of the materials revolution. I would like to ask for your strong support for the Pacific Rundum Co., Ltd., which aims to achieve steady growth while sincerely fulfilling the corporate social responsibility.

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